Eleanor Duelley


After successful careers as a Naval Officer and as a military consultant, I’ve found my true passion through empowering women to advocate for themselves when it comes to protecting their bodies.

I have heard the story too many times of women taking their needs and concerns to their doctors and being told that the bloodwork shows no disease, therefore there is nothing wrong.

Women need to be listened to and validated for what they are experiencing and now is the time to stand up and have support for that advocation. I show women how to do this for themselves, find the answers to the root causes of painful symptoms and experiences, in order to heal and grow.

Self acceptance is one of the first steps of growth and by combining powerful intuitive clues (that are inside every one of us) and functional, scientific nutritional practices, we can create the lifestyle of freedom that you have always sought. I am so passionate about helping women discover that they don’t have to live in a restrictive world to live happy, healthy and empowered lives.