Dr Laura Wyness

Registered Nutritionist

I’m Dr Laura Wyness, an award-winning Registered Nutritionist and published author who specialises in helping women make positive dietary changes around menopause.  

I offer individual nutrition support online to women looking to improve their overall dietary habits and to feel more confident about what to eat to support their body and wellbeing. 

Before starting my freelance business eight years ago, I worked in several nutrition research and communications roles. My love of translating science into practical food-based advice, led me to write the book Eating Well for Menopause.  My clients were asking me how to eat to improve various menopausal symptoms and maintain their health. It is their questions that guided the writing of the book. 

As menopause is beginning to be talked about more openly, information on diet and nutrition is becoming more accessible. However, some of it remains neither accurate nor helpful. The information and advice in my book is grounded in science and should help you make informed decisions that work for you. 

To compliment the book, I have developed eight online courses on Eating Well for Menopause.  These provide a variety of videos, recipes and downloads related to specific areas:

  1. Hot Flushes and Phytoestrogens
  2. Weight and Shape
  3. Heart Health
  4. Bone Health
  5. Mood and Mental Health
  6. Sleeping Well
  7. Hydration and Bladder Health
  8. Beauty and Myths


For women who are also looking for support with their fitness and mind-set, I collaborate with Zoë Rose Fitness, a health and wellbeing coaching company.  As their Head of Nutrition, I support members to form healthy eating habits and improve their relationship with food.

I have also recently worked with the cholesterol charity Heart UK to highlight the importance of considering heart health around menopause. I have provided training for fellow health professionals on diet, menopause and cholesterol and have helped support many individuals (for example Lisa) reduce their cholesterol by making small dietary changes.


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