Dominique Cocuzza

Dominique Cocuzza

Personal Trainer 

Dominique Cocuzza is a Personal Trainer and specialized Coach for Menopausal Women. In her 40s, She broke National and State Records in Strength Sports. She applies her expertise in Olympic & Powerlifting, Kettlebells, Perinatal Strength and so much more to coach women from 13-85 years old.
As a Boy Mom of 2 in perimenopause, Dominique understands what is needed in the various stages of a woman’s life. Using lifestyle and mindset practices she has had long-term success managing her own auto-immune condition, celiac disease, chronic Lyme disease and hormonal imbalances. Through her personal experiences, she has learned how to motivate her clients to push through limitations and manifest their true potential.


• Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine
• Olympic Weightlifting – USA Weightlifting
• Powerlifting – USA PowerLifting
• Kettlebells – StrongFirst
• Perinatal Coach – Mom’s Gone Strong
• The Metabolic Female – Metabolic Renewal

Fitness Specialties:

• Women’s Health & Physiology
• Strength training for Women at All Levels
• Fertility, Prenatal, Postpartum Fitness
• Perimenopause and Menopause Fitness
• Pelvic Floor Health
• Return to Exercise after Surgery
• Corrective Exercise for Posture
• Injury Prevention & Recovery
• Balance work
• Women’s Competitive Strength Sports Coach

Nutrition Focus:

• Behavior Coaching
• Identifying Food Habits & Triggers
• Eliminating Cravings
• Creating Sustainable Eating Habits
• Whole, Unprocessed Food
• Anti-Inflammatory Food
• Food, Alcohol & Hormones
• Meal Planning and Preparation

Menopause Focus:

• Menopause Resources and Information
• Traditional Menopause Practices
• Resources about Informed Choices & Hormone Replacement Therapy
• CHANGE Agent – Reinvention Coach
• Age Positive Activis

About Periwink

Periwink is a Revolutionary Self-Care Wellness Platform & Community for Women in Perimenopause that is built on the latest evidence-based practices.
Inspired by her own perimenopause journey, Record Breaking Women’s Strength Athlete & Coach, Dominique Cocuzza, created Periwink to support women in this challenging stage of womanhood.


• Programmed in app or Live Virtual – your choice
• Balance, Strength, Posture & Mobility

Meno Content

• Learn through Self Care how to optimize for your Change
• Create the Future you want
• Giggle with GenX humor and inspiration
• COOK TOGETHER – 1.5 hour LIVE weekly meal prep session
• Mindset coaching & a new relationship with food that works for you