Claire Doherty

Certified Medical intuitive, UK

Bio: I am a chartered physiotherapist and hold a masters in health ergonomics and a diploma in naturopathic nutrition and another in nutritional therapy.

My approach is to support the whole body, rather than just one system or area, because nothing works in isolation.

Whilst it is easy to think that physical symptoms are just that, they also have metaphysical roots that are impacted by our beliefs and behaviours.

I combine nutrition coaching with behavioural change techniques including NLP and mindfulness.

My philosophy is that health should not be something we strive and wish for, but that it should flow to us with ease.

It is not about restrictions, guilt and denials, it is about understanding and fully accepting who you are.

Symptoms are not just unwanted side effects of a condition, but are messengers that the body produces in order to support and guide us.

Good health and happiness start internally and I would be honoured to support you in your journey to understand your body and to become the very best version of yourself.

Claire Doherty MSc Health ergs. BSc (hons), Dip. Nut.Ad. MCSP