Chip Jenkins

Chip Jenkins

P.E.M. Rebalance Zing Method

Chip Jenkins works with Ladies in their 40’s and 50’s. To balance the impact of hormonal symptoms.  She’s developed a specific course called the “P.E.M. Rebalance ZING” method”. 

This helps ladies Physically (*through Dance Zing), Emotionally and Mentally (Rebalance-Zing). 

The aim of this course is to to turbo boost ladies’ bodies, focus and energy! 

Chip does this every week with proven results.  This tailor made method is also something that she used on herself 3 years ago when feeling many difficult effects, from mood swings, hot flushes, brain fog, sleep and relationship challenges! 

She is 50 years old, from the UK currently living in Norway and is available online. She uses Dance Zing because it is fun, Personally assists ladies to have MUCH more JOY, Energy and Balance through the day. 

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