Cheryl Lee

Exercise Referral Specialist & Registered Somatic Movement Educator

Cat lover – dark sense of humour – pleasure seeker – trashy chick lit – neuroscience fan – health optimist – knowledge is power


I just joined the 🌿🌿🌿 perihubexpert 🌿🌿🌿 team as a Registered Exercise Referral Practitioner and Somatic Movement Educator. Movement medicine of all types is my specialty. Qualified in yoga, Pilates, Somatics, cardio/strength exercise, mindfulness, specialist exercise rehab for cancer and back pain.


I also have training in stress management, perimenopause exercise programming & health coaching, yoga for perimenopause, female hormonal balance and continence/pelvic floor balance. 🌺♀️

As a former chronic pain sufferer with lived experience of chronic fatigue, pelvic health issues, IBS, spondylolisthesis, hypermobility and fibromyalgia, I have learned to optimise my health. manage my conditions, maintain mobility and manage excess flexibility, improve my strength and fitness and live a vibrant, active and full life. I now empower my clients using education, exercise, movement and mind-body strategies to promote health skills, self-efficacy and help them ease pain, move better, learn to relax, get back to activities they love and enjoy the pleasures of life again!

I’m not a natural health & fitness freak. I had to learn it the hard way and in a way , was forced to become my own coach and trainer because I couldn’t find the right help in our health system.. Over many years I have read, trained, retrained, done CPDs. I did the life laundry. Cleaned up my act. Optimised my health. Despite the challenges – I am enjoying my midlife!


New offering in the pipeline…

At perimenopause our brains, bodies, metabolism, endocrine systems are all changing – recalibrating to a new setting for the rest of our lives. I am launching my first perimenopause course in restorative movement and practices – Rituals of Recalibration. Let’s take control back and optimise the fuck out of these changes together! More news coming soon.


I can empathise, encourage, educate, advise, coach, train, talk and walk beside you on your journey through midlife and beyond and help you regain your balance, health, fitness and mojo.

With warmest wishes,

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