Caroline Kerslake

Caroline Kerslake

Personal trainer

Since 2008 I have been working in the health and fitness industry, not my chosen career, one I fell into and in love with and haven’t looked back at.
From being the most unenthusiastic exerciser in my childhood and teens, it wasn’t until I had had my two sons, and reached 30 that I actually went to a gym – purely because it was across the road from home and I knew I needed to do more for my body other than healthy eating and just walking (toning tables don’t count anymore!).
I am a Personal Trainer, Sports massage Therapist and Holistic Core restore ® Coach.

I have worked with many women beginning their midlife journey to Menopause and beyond. I am also aware through observation and experience that our lives are stressful, full on and often leave little time to focus on what “I need” as an individual and a holistic all-round approach is needed.

“In our midlife we need strength, movement and self care”
I strongly believe that all these elements go hand in hand – the more we get our bodies to move – through movement, massage, and self-care, the better we feel, the more we can do in the here and now and will want to do our future.

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