Caroline Keatinge

I am a Nutritionist and am passionate about helping individuals understand how their body functions so they can make informed nutritional and wellbeing choices.  Understanding the power of food and lifestyle can fundamentally affect health and wellbeing – whilst enjoying a delicious diet and living life to the full.  I focus on supporting women leading up to the menopause and beyond, leveraging nutrition to enable them to help manage menopause symptoms, as well as body shape, energy, mood, digestion, concentration, sleep and more.

I work with women who are just starting to experience some hormonal changes, to those in full-blown peri-menopause and continuing to deal with menopausal symptoms post the menopause itself.  I help women who want to avoid HRT or who need to from a medical perspective, as well as those who using HRT as part of their menopause management.

Women work with me on a one to one basis – face to face and online, and in I run a group programme helping women understand their bodies and acquire the tools to make transformational change to their menopause.

A busy Mum of 2 teenagers, I previously had a successful career of 20 years in corporate and consumer finance before moving over to retrain and work in an arena which aligns with my interests and passions.

I have an MSc in Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University and am registered with the Association for Nutrition.  I take a Functional Medicine approach and has completed the Institute of Functional Medicine’s 5 day course in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice as part of her on-going training.  All my advice is evidence based and grounded in current research.

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