Perimenopause specific

Could it be Perimenopause  

Dr Steven R Goldstien & Laurie Ashner 

Management of the Menopause

British Menopause Society


Katarina Wilkt


The Mindful Menopause

Clarissa Hughes

The Magic of Menopause

Lorraine Miano 

Grow Your Own HRT

Sally j Duffell

Menopause, The Answers

Dr Rosemary Leonard

What Would Virginia Woolf Do?

Nina Lorez Collins

Flash Count Diary

Darcey Steinke

The Change

Germaine Greer

Wild Power

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

The Female Brain

Dr. Brizendine

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause

Dr John R Lee with Virginia Hopkins

The Estrogen Alternative

Dr Steven R Goldstien & Laurie Ashner


Haynes Publishing 

Estrogen Matters

Avrum Bluming and Carol Tarris

Useful links

If you are experiencing these symptoms younger than expected, the Daisy Network can provide support and assistance:

In the UK, find your local menopause clinic on this site:

In North America, you can get really helpful local support from here:

For women in Canada, you can find local help here:

Australasian women can find local information here: