Annika Carroll

Annika Carroll

Sleep & Health Coach for women and the CEO of Sleep Like A Boss.

My clients are women between 30 and 70 who struggle with sleep & energy. 

Most have tried everything from melatonin to magnesium, from weighted blankets to chilli pads, sleeping pills to SSRIs – without success.

Their doctors tell them they have too much stress, which I agree with, but just telling you that and maybe prescribing a pill doesn’t help.

Through my own journey with insomnia and burnout, I have learned that stress is a major contributor to insomnia. We often know about the everyday stress we have: caring for children, maybe elderly parents, being a partner, an employee or an entrepreneur – all these different hats we wear is stressful for sure. But there are hidden stressors in the body that we often overlook that contribute massively to high stress in the body and add to our insomnia: gut issues like overgrowth of bad bacteria, parasites and other pathogens, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, food sensitivities and heavy metals.

All these are often overlooked, and when addressing those, the body has less stress and the ability to calm down and sleep and use its energy for the more fun things in life.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the functional tests I help my clients run and how I work, visit me at

And if you would like 15 free and easy-to-implement tips to get your sleep on track, play the “Game of Sleep” with me.