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My menopause story started 3 years ago when I was at a talk (about menopause in the workplace) and I flippantly said ‘I’ll sail through the menopause’. Then I heard the talk, and the penny dropped!
The way I’d been feeling for the prior 4 or 5 years were perimenopause symptoms, when I thought it was exhaustion, possibly depression and I didn’t want to think about why my memory had completely collapsed. I’d been qualified as a Shiatsu Practitioner and Chinese Medicine Therapist for 12 years by then but hadn’t even given a thought to menopause. The greatest thing I gained from the talk was empowerment, that I wasn’t depressed, I was going through natural hormonal changes and that I could research it.  I saw this jumble of symptoms that just made no sense to me; there were cold ones and hot ones, I didn’t have flushes, so what was going on? Using Chinese medicine I pieced together the patterns and the order in which symptoms could appear, and on the day I finished I felt I had a revelation – Perimenopause symptoms could all be cold, not a flush or sweat in sight!
I didn’t believe my own research at first so I went to a couple more talks this time by GP hormone specialists and found my theory overlaid the decline of progesterone and then estrogen. To put my theories to the test I started seeking out Shiatsu clients who had menopause symptoms, and using the knowledge of acupuncture points helped women relieve some of their extreme symptoms very quickly. Brain fog, overwhelm, night sweats and tiredness were the first group that were alleviated with treatment. I felt I’d found something really useful here.

3 years later

I’ve helped dozens of ladies with my therapy, talks to hundreds of women, embarked on Corporate talks and I’ve put on menopause events in 2019 with a view to expanding to further events and retreats during 2020.  I’m currently developing a cream (insert hyperlink that helps ease symptoms, the testing has been really successful, you can read some of the results!
This Autumn I’ve expanded my talk into an online support guide – The Natural Menopause  (insert hyperlink , helping you step through an 8 week programme to understand your hormones, your mind & body, supplements, and practical ‘how to’ advice to implement at home to start alleviating symptoms.
I help women on a 1-2-1 basis at my clinic in Cheltenham, and I’m also available to do online consultations, read more here (insert hyperlink
My passion is to spread the word about the Perimenopause, knowledge empowered me and that is what I want to give to as many women as possible. This summer I did a successful 500 bookmark giveaway leading up to Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival Menopause events, with ‘Top Tips and Facts’ for you to take along to your GP as support. Too many women are misdiagnosed and I want women to be knowlegeable about their transition years and know how to handle them; I want you to Blossom in Your Menopause. 
I’m happy to do a Menopause Clarity call (free) to discuss your specific symptoms, you can book a call here (insert hyperlink
I look forward to hearing from you! Best Wishes, Andrea

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