Amber Hannant

Amber Hannant

Personal Trainer, UK

I didn’t get into fitness or lifting to lose a bit of weight or to boost my ego.
For me fitness was a necessity. It wasn’t a group of friends or a sibling who took me to the gym. It was urgent rehabilitation protocol to try and get my life back.

6 years ago the gym fell into my life… Well rather it hit me at about 70mph.
I was in a near fatal car accident. As a passenger in a near stationary vehicle we
were struck side on to my door. The car rolled several times, left unconscious upside down and bleeding severely; before I knew it I was in hospital with broken ribs, a punctured lung, a ruptured spleen, a broken pelvis.

After being woken from an induced coma I was stuck in a wheelchair for 8 weeks, at that point all I wanted to do was walk, not being able to get anywhere myself took away my self-esteem, all my strength and broke my mentality. Now as anyone who has been through injury knows, the next step is rehabilitation.

I was sent to a gym to be taken through my rehab. But I was introduced to a few other bits along the way. The gym I used had a tiny weight section so wasn’t so intimidating, my PT took me straight into it where over time I learned to squat, bench and deadlift.

I came across powerlifting, entered my first competition and the rest is history.

3 years later I have set British, European and World records and am the 2017 World Champion WDFPF and the 2019 British
Champion BDFPA.

Of course I had my doubts. What would people think? What
would they say? Will I be judged for having muscle? I worried about the stress of
nutrition and bodyweight and of course that had its issues.

Over time I met hurdles in training, nutrition, difficulty channelling the pressure that I put on myself. Going through this with little support or direction presented the idea of being able to provide this for others. Over the years I have developed my own methods through education, qualification and extensive experience to be able to provide an insight and in depth coaching experience for anyone looking to take on these challenges or to extend their current abilities.

I now coach to set an example for other women and men, helping them find the
strength I found. Strength brought me such great moments, helped me break down
stereotypes and take pride in my body and develop it beyond what I believed
possible. Once I was told I might never walk again, now I am an accomplished
powerlifter and proud coach.



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