A satisfying relationship with food

Elizabeth Murray

A Satisfying relationship with food.

Warning: This article may leave you hungry….

Imagine you and your food were lovers. How would you treat each other? What would be your ideal relationship?

I would want the very best of food and give food the very best of me. Following are some of the items on my wish-list for my ideal relationship with my lover (food):

I am whole and perfect as I am, and I choose to share my life with you because to do so is joyful and juicy and fun, and we light each other up!

I feel great in my skin and I choose to invite food into my experience that will bring me more energy, vitality and aliveness, more delicious moments, more creativity, variety and spice. I am here to experience life and the deliciousness it has to offer in every season!

I decide to love myself fully as I am and so I can love and accept the best of you, and refuse that which doesn’t align with my true intentions for my life.

My relationship and love for myself has a profound impact on my relationship with food. I will choose what I believe I deserve. This is why my number one priority is to fall in love with myself as I am, and from there I will know what is right for me. I am willing to receive nourishment from my food, my body is calling for it, and every part of me deserves to be treated with respect and reverence. I listen to my own needs.

I connect with my true, deepest, purest desires based in love, and I set boundaries for myself based on these intimate knowings. I know that I am always doing my best. I know that I am beautiful and lovable. I know that my body desires nourishment and I give my body the food it needs to flourish. When I sense I am not being loving towards myself, this is what I work on first. My beautiful body carries my beautiful soul.

Sometimes I will be in the mood for naughty things, sometimes I will make mistakes. – I’m not perfect and nor are you and that’s OK.

There will be times when I make bad choices, and I will usually realise it by the way it makes me feel. I can learn from this, and forgive myself. Mostly I will do my best to choose what nurtures my body and feeds my soul.

I appreciate you, I bring out the best in you and you bring out the best in me.

I prepare my food with presence, being mindful of the ingredients I select for flavour, texture, nutrition, and visual pleasure. I use fresh ingredients that are filled with life force that will enliven my cells. Eating, just like sex, is a highly sensual human experience, and is enhanced through my engaged intention. I lay the table, turn off devices, maybe even light some candles and make a decision to savour the sensual gifts each food has to offer. To do this is an act of gratitude as well as a gift to me.

When we come together we are alive and present in the moment, noticing all there is about the other, and savouring it.

I take my time. I tune in to my body, feel the energy in every cell. I become more aware of my senses. Colours get brighter, sounds clearer, as I breathe deeply the air feels wonderful in my lungs and the scent of my food makes me salivate. I notice where my skin is being caressed – by my clothing, by the movement of the air. Then I am ready to fully appreciate: The delicate softness of the blushing skin on a peach as I stroke the ridge that extends from top to bottom; my whole mouth coming alive as I roll a raspberry on my tongue, probing the centre and receiving the tangy sweetness; my excitement rising as I tear open a fig and find its inner secret, the glistening pink, fertile flower that swells within; and as I devour a mango, I luxuriate in each sucking bite, the sticky juice running down my chin. When I place my attention on my senses, I become more sensual. In this way, my enjoyment of food becomes as tantalising as foreplay.

Elizabeth Murray

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