Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Lake

I am a Registered Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach and Root Cause Protocol Consultant on the Gold Coast, Australia. I have been working in the Wellness industry for over 17 years. It’s my passion! 

My specialty is a natural and empowered approach to Women’s ‘midlife’ experience – The transition through perimenopause, energy, stress and emotional health, hormone balance and self love.  

It makes my heart ache when I see so many women struggling with debilitating hormonal symptoms, succumbing to unnecessary medical treatments without knowing there are effective alternatives that respect their body’s innate healing wisdom. 

I use a ‘whole picture’ approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit: 

  • Your personal history of stress and its relationship to mineral dysregulation in your body, which leads to metabolic dysfunction and the symptoms you are experiencing.
  • When required: blood test results, hair tissue mineral analysis, stool tests, hormone tests etc to understand your unique picture.
  • The food, supplements and lifestyle habits that will rebalance your body and renew your energy and health. 
  • Releasing beliefs, emotions and thoughts that stress you out, keep you stuck and block your potential, health and aliveness. 
  • Self-connection, self-love and self-care techniques to bring more fun, adventure and sensuality into your life. 

I do private consults over zoom as well as educate and connect with women in my workshops and programs that focus on perimenopause, hormones and libido, stress, moods and gut health, and eating clean for weight loss.  

It is my passion to offer this alternative way to as many women as I can, and I love standing alongside women as they reconnect to their innate juicy Aliveness, their vibrant health and their empowered wisdom.